KHS/KMHC Return to Play Protocol

Kalkaska High School (KHS) and Kalkaska Memorial Health Center (KMHC) have partnered to tackle the issue of concussions in school sports by creating the most comprehensive return-to-play protocol in Michigan.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association’s (MHSAA) protocol requires a qualified medical professional (MD, DO, PA or NP) to unconditionally clear a student-athlete before s/he can return to practice or competition.  The clearance must be in writing and signed by the qualified health professional, student-athlete, and parent.

To ensure a student-athlete is concussion free, KMHC and Kalkaska High School developed a protocol as follows:

  1. If a concussion is confirmed by a qualified health professional, the student-athlete will be referred out to physical therapy once the student is 24 hours symptom free (72 hours for students 12 years old and younger).
  2. Once at physical therapy, a student athlete will go through a 5-phase return to play program (see below).
  3. Once all 5 phases have been completed the student-athlete must revisit their qualified health professional to complete the “MHSAA Return to Play Form“.  A student-athlete may not return to practice or competition until this form is completely filled out and returned to the athletic department.

The MHSAA will reimburse any out-of-pocket costs related to concussion suffered during an in-season practice or competition. For more information, please click here.

Return to Play Phases

Phase #1- No Activity

  • Complete physical and cognitive rest
  • Symptom free x 24 hours progress to phase 2

Phase #2- Light Aerobic Exercise

  • 20 min of cardiovascular exercise at less than 70% heart rate

Phase #3- Sport Specific Exercise

  • 45min of cardiovascular less than 80% heart rate max

Phase #4 Non-Contact Training Drills

  • 60min of complex training less than 90% of heart rate max

Phase #5- Full Contact/Practice

KMHC Concussion Management Presentation